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02 January 2009 @ 01:44 pm

Welcome to suzuki_tsuta .

This community was created for all the fans of the mangaka Suzuki Tsuta.

Here you will find :

- links to scanlation in any languages available (english, french, spanish, and more)
- raw chapters
- fanart
- update listing of Suzuki sensei's work
- news
- translation of her blog
- icons
- where to buy her books
- and more, and more !


For new chapters translated, don't direct link the files, but link the wichever team who offer it.
Don't spam, don't spam, don't spam.
For raws, if they arn't yours, please ask before the person who scanned it for authorisation, and don't forget to credit.
Use LJ-cut for big images, of long post.

Please tag your entries and use those who already exist !

You can freely post your icons, fanarts, fanfictions, discussions,...